Vacations make the best family memories! 


  • When travelling with young children, BE PREPARED. Pack snacks (extras in case of unexpected delays of picky eaters), a change of clothes for you and your children in your carry-on! Bring EXTRA DIAPERS in case of delays! You never know when a 3 hour flight will turn into a 12 hour flight if there is a mechanical issue, medical diversion or a snowstorm. Bring enough supplies in case of major delays or if your checked bags don't arrive until the next day.

  • Check passport expiry dates for all family members. Sometimes documentation expires earlier for children.

  • Don't relay on the airlines entertainment because the screens can FAIL. Bring new toys from Dollarama, books, colouring and your own tablet with over the ear earphones. Kids don't generally like the earbud style earphones that airlines offer!

  • When traveling with a child under 2, you are EXEMPT from the restrictions on liquids and gels and you can bring a "reasonable" amount of liquids in your carry-on (yogurt, applesauce, baby food, ready to feed formula, and YES even many bottles of water for "making formula" are allowed...I even brought  A WEEK'S worth of ready to feed formula in my carry-on, telling security that I was too nervous to check it in case my checked luggage was lost

  • When traveling with a baby or toddler, bring a comfortable baby carrier and wear your baby and use the stroller for all the carry on bags!

  • Most cruise lines, hotels etc will provide cribs or pack and plays. You don't need to pack these....just ask and reserve in advance!

  • Carnival kids clubs are the only ones that start at age 2 and will change diapers. The other major cruise lines' kids clubs start at age 3 and kids MUST be potty trained! Disney is an exception, they have a nursery for kids age 6 months-3, but it has an extra charge and can be full so RESERVE TIME IN ADVANCE! Don't hesitate to use the kids clubs on a cruise. I have used them on almost every cruise line and my kids LOVE them and they are much better quality in general than the kids clubs at all inclusives!

  • Swim diapers are never allowed in cruise line pools so kids MUST be potty trained to enter the pools! Some cruise lines have splash pads for toddlers where swim diapers are permitted

  • the minimum age for babies on most cruise lines is 6  months!




  • Zoe XL1 Deluxe Xtra Lightweight Umbrella Stroller is only 10 POUNDS and folds easily with one hand and you can often fit it into the overhead bin!There is a cup holder, large sun canopy, the seat reclines, and there is a lifetime warranty on the wheels.

  • Mountain Buggy Nano weighs less than 13 pounds, folds easily and fits in the overhead bin, and is compatible with many brands of car seats as travel system. It has an umbrella and reclining seat and you can buy the optional cocoon carrycot to use it from birth

  • BabyJoggerVue Lite-full featured umbrella stroller, weighs 14 pounds, can accomodate a card seat and fully reclines to hold an infant from birth, above average sun canopy and reversible seat (baby can face in or out)

  • Uppa baby g luxe-weighs 15 pounds, reclines well with 3 different positions, good storage basket for an umbrella stroller, excellent sun canopy


Car seats:

These light car seats are great for travel

-Cosco Serena NEXT (6.8 pounds!!!!!)

-Safety 1st Guide 65

-Evenflo SureRide (this is what I use for travel), inexpenisve, convertible, light and easy to install

-mifold booster seat- folds to smaller than an Ipad, brings the seatbelt lower to the child OR the hifold booster that is a high back booster seat that folds to be 3x smaller than a regular booster seat but is just as safe. I like that I can pack this in my carry on so I don't need to worry about it not arriving!

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